Predominantly Grey and SG iron castings are produced in weight range from 0.5 kg to 75 kgs conforming to various DIN standards. Duplex Process of melting and refining using Cupola and Induction furnace is employed. Green sand moulds are prepared with mechanized sand plant and simultaneous jolt squeeze moulding machines.

Furnace & Pouring :

Transferred to induction furnace, quality is checked with the help of spectrometer. Liquid metal of right quality is tapped, transferred and poured into moulds kept ready using pouring ladles & mono rails.

Sand Plant & Moulding Line :

Fully Mechanised Sand Plant with high production intensive mixer delivers green sand to moulding machines. Moulds are prepared using pneumatic SJS moulding machines.

Fettling & Grinding :

Castings cleaned from knockout machines are inspected, shotblasted by double door 72" dia turntable in a stream of steel shots and finally ground to remove extra material.



Machine Shop

Castings produced in the foundry are machined with the help of CNC, VMC, GPM and SPMs. Dynamic Balancing Machines capable of balancing clutch plates and brake drums weight ranging from 1 kg to 120 kgs are used. Surface grinding and Burnishing to get a surface roughness upto 15 microns CLA is employed.

Pattern Shop: 
Araldite and metallic patterns adoptable to machine moulding are prepared in-house using CNC and VMC machines.

Quality Assurance

Spectrometer and Carbon equivalent meters are used for control of liquid metal analysis and quality of raw material. Universal testingmachine, Optical Brinell hardness tester are employed to test mechanical properties and Metallurgical microscope for analysing microstructures. 

Sand Testing Lab :
To monitor the health of the moulding sand, properties like  active clay,  loss  on ignition volatile matter, green compression, Splitting and Shatter  tests are  conducted  apart from sieve analysis of sands.

With Iron and Copper based channels, the instrument gives quick and reliable analysis.

Metallographic Lab :
Microscopic studies to find out the matrices of metals and other influencing phases.

Physical Lab :
Universal tensile testing machine together with hardness testers to check the properties conforming to various Indian & International standard grades of castings.


Final Inspection : 
Final Inspection is carried out as per specifications of customers with required gauges and instruments by quality assurance department.


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